George W. Bush (R):
Bush will speed up the 2001 tax cuts to increase the pace of economic recovery and job creation. He wants to provide more dividend and capital gains tax relief and give small businesses incentives to grow. (From
Wesley Clark (D): “I believe that to restore economic strength, we must act together under the banner of New American Patriotism -- putting our economy first above private interests, putting our country first above private gain, putting our country first for the sake of our grandchildren.” (Quoted on
 Howard Dean (D): “Dean would repeal the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, which would include the estate tax. Gov. Dean urges repealing all the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts. The U.S. is in desperate need of fiscal discipline.” (Dean spokeswoman Clare Gannon, Nov. 16, 2003)
 John Edwards (D): “Edwards supports repealing the Bush tax cuts that benefit only the top 2 percent of Americans, including the new top two tax rates on income, and the new rates on income from dividends and capital gains for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. Only those earning about $240,000 or more are in the top two income tax brackets. In addition, Edwards will retain the tax on very large estates, since we can’t afford to repeal the estate tax given our current deficit situation.” (Edwards spokeswoman Kim Rubey, Nov. 11, 2003)

“Bush is engaging in a war on work.” (Edwards spokesman Patrick Dillon, Nov. 13, 2003)
 Dick Gephardt (D): “Gephardt wants to get rid of all of the Bush tax cuts because they have failed and you don’t just get rid of one part of a completely flawed program. He will use that money to get health insurance to every single American that can never be taken away. His plan will put $2,000 to $3,000 in the average American family’s pocket, as opposed to the Bush tax cut, which is only good for between $500 and $600. His plan will insure every American, grow our economy and create jobs.” (Gephardt spokesman Bill Burton, Nov. 11, 2003)

“Our country has record budget surpluses and an economy with seemingly limitless potential for growth, but the prosperity of our country ended when President Bush took office. Since then, more than 3 million jobs have disappeared.” (Quoted on
 John Kerry (D): “Kerry supports rolling back the tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. He believes that the weight of the tax burden should not be placed on the backs of the middle class. Therefore he supports the tax cuts to the middle class, the preservation of the child tax credit and enactment of a ‘college opportunity’ tax credit to students and middle class families.” (Kerry spokeswoman Laura Capps, Nov. 18, 2003)

“My priority is to middle class families who are working hard to cover the mortgages, pay the high cost of health care, child care and tuition, or just trying to get ahead.” (Quoted on
 Dennis Kucinich (D): “The president’s ‘leave-no-billionaire-behind’ tax cut to the wealthy will do nothing to help the average citizen.” (Kucinich campaign spokeswoman Melissa Adams, Nov. 12, 2003)

“Kucinich would repeal all of President Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy. That includes restoring the top two and a half income brackets. That does not include restoring the marriage penalty or undoing the child tax credit. Yes, he would bring back the estate tax, though with some modifications. Multiple taxation could describe many situations, including the payroll taxes and income taxes that apply to every hour of work most Americans do, but not much of the income of the wealthiest.” (Kucinich spokesman David Swanson, Nov. 14, 2003)
Joe Lieberman (D): “We need a fresh start on meeting our fiscal responsibilities and moral obligations agenda for helping small businesses, which would create jobs by reviving business investment, lowering health care costs, improving access to capital and providing tax incentives to stimulate growth.” (Quoted on
Carol Moseley Braun (D): “This is a jobless economy that has no dramatic results.” (Moseley Braun policy spokesman Scott Waguestock, Nov. 12, 2003)
 Al Sharpton (D): A statement on tax cuts could not be obtained from the Sharpton campaign staff.

Quotes compiled by Sara Faiwell and Crystal Higgins

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