Question: Would you support removing the $3.77 billion funding gap for the Conservation Security Program, which subsidizes farmers who employ certain environmentally sound agricultural practices?

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George W. Bush (R):
A statement on the Conservation Security program could not be obtained from the Bush staff.
Wesley Clark (D): A statement on the Conservation Security program could not be obtained from the Clark staff.
 Howard Dean (D): "The CSP is one of the centerpieces of the Dean farm plan. Despite the creation of the program in the 2002 farm bill, the programs have still not been implemented by this administration. It and its allies have tried to block all funding for the program.

"The CSP is a really good program that rewards family farmers for being strong environmental stewards instead of simply handing out subsidies to large corporate farms for mass production that harms the environment and forces family farmers out of business. Dean does support lifting the cap. The CSP is a way to help support family farmers who need the support while also protecting our environment and benefiting all Americans." (Andrew Baumann, Dean for America campaign issue spokesperson, 11/10/03)
 John Edwards (D): "John Edwards supports removing a $3.77 billion funding cap for the CSP. As an advocate of environmental rights, Sen. Edwards thinks it is important to reward farmers who are using safe agricultural practices." (Kim Rubey, Edwards’ Iowa press secretary, 11/12/03)
 Dick Gephardt (D): Gephardt has opposed allowing federal conservation funds to be used to create polluting manure lagoons that damage communities' air and water. Gephardt is a strong supporter of the Conservation Reserve Program to remove marginal land from production, reduce erosion, and protects the quality of our streams and rivers. (From
 John Kerry (D): "John Kerry supports removing the $3.77 billion funding cap for the CSP. He was a co-sponsor of the CSP in 2001 when Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin proposed the legislation in the Senate and has worked with Mr. Harkin to continue support for this program." (Laura Capps, Kerry’s Iowa press secretary, 11/12/03)
 Dennis Kucinich (D):  "The CSP doesn't promote a greater environmental consciousness when the benefits go to large agribuisnesses. I'm for a family-oriented agricultural program." (At a Daily Iowan editorial board meeting, 11/14/03)
Joe Lieberman (D): "Joe Lieberman is a strong supporter of expanding the Conservation Reserve Program, which gives farmers incentives to take land out of production and put it toward conservation. Lieberman helped draft conservation provisions in the 1996 Farm Bill and supported the 2002 Farm Bill, which increased conservation funding by 80 percent." (From
Carol Moseley Braun (D): “I will be an advocate for our stewardship of the planet. We will not accept a backward-looking energy policy.” (From speech to party members at the California Democratic Party Convention in Sacramento, CA, 3/16/03)
 Al Sharpton (D): “Yes, strengthening and enforcing our environmental laws would be one of my top priorities. For me, the scriptural mandate that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof is a religious and spiritual mandate to be good stewards of what God has given the human race for sustenance, beauty and enjoyment. Protecting, preserving and sustaining it must be one of our highest priorities. (Quoted on, 6/12/03)

Quotes compiled by Jesse Helling and Ali Noller

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