Majoring in:


Tony Robinson
Davenport, Iowa
Journalism and English
Wesley Clark


Tony Robinson is a senior at the University of Iowa double majoring in journalism and English. He currently works as the managing editor of The Daily Iowan, a campus newspaper with a circulation of 20,500.

After working in the newspaper business for four years and working an internship at the Quad-City Times in Davenport, Robinson does not have an abundance of political reporting under his belt. Therefore, he hopes Presidential Politics will increase his knowledge about the caucuses and give him further insight in the larger picture of choosing a president of the United States.

Having worked as a reporter for the majority of his college career, and a short stint as assistant Web editor at The Daily Iowan, Robinson is interested in both aspects of the course. He hopes to balance both ends of the spectrum and use his experience to help others with the Web portion of the class.


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