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Jeffrey Patch
Dubuque, Iowa
George W. Bush
Al Sharpton


Jeff Patch was born to Brian and Ellen Patch on July 29, 1984 in Dubuque, Iowa.

Skip ahead 15 years. He gained his first experience as a reporter on his high school’s newspaper, The Gleaner. Patch soon realized that a world existed outside of his high school and joined the staff of his city’s newspaper, the Telegraph Herald, as a sportswriter when he was 16. He also has written news stories for the TH. Before that he worked for a year on the production crew of the local Fox News affiliate.

At the University of Iowa, Patch writes about politics for The Daily Iowan - a newspaper that serves the campus and Iowa City, but is not affiliated with the University.

Patch plans to work overseas, once he graduates, for an English language foreign newspaper or a foreign bureau in a U.S. newspaper.


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