Majoring in:


Crystal Higgins
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Journalism and Political Science
George W. Bush
Al Sharpton



Crystal Higgins' interest in politics sprang from various political debates and discussions in her home as a child. In her fourth year at Iowa, she looks for that passion and desire most yearn for in a quest for a career.

The 21-year-old has a strong interest in public relations work — specifically relating to speech writing, press release writing, public speaking and event planning.

This summer Higgins worked for two non-profit organizations in the public/community relations departments. She is applying for an internship in corporate or agency public relations for the spring of 2004 in order to determine if this career path is right for her.

Higgins is taking presidential politics in order to find out if her passion resides in political public relations work. She plans to let this course guide her future path either down the road to being a political publicist or down another path toward corporate public relations.


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