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Adam Staley Groves
Howard Dean



Adam Groves experienced unemployment for the first since late last winter.


Although illegal, Groves managed working full time since he was 14 years-old. “Why could I not vote if I paid taxes?” he said claiming he made up for that by “cashing-in” on food stamps and Title 19 health insurance. Groves’s coming of age years, which have all but ended, were spent in many places such as Arizona, Texas, Illinois and Iowa, his “home” state.

His dad didn't’t drive a milk truck or run the CIA, Groves grew up on welfare. His parents were separated and his dad sold cars while his mother received a degree in nursing.

Groves covets a bit of moral pride he received his high school diploma without developing typical problems of generation Y, “drug rehab, impregnating a girl, date rape, alcoholism, OWI, being arrested, affection for gangsta’ rap, long-term or permanent citizen apathy, a trend of twenty-something’s turning to petty drama because their lives don’t involve political or religious violence, or the Clinton economy was just too damn good,” he said.

Groves flunking out of catholic school in the sixth grade turned him to protesting “most every aspect of humanity” through music, art and writing.

Attending an alternative high school after dropping out of high school Groves said that the “experience exposed me to a new system of education that did not prepare his mind in linear terms for the factory line education the University of Iowa sells.”


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